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Purpose + passion

"Architecture is something that has a certain fantasy, just like poetry. It is not a rigid thing, something resolved with a ruler and bevel, it is something that arises like this, like a dream"

Oscar Niemeyer.


The human behind the render


Life student, landscape photography graduate, certified in REVIT BIM. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Universidad Católica Nordestana (UCNE).


10 years of experience in 3D modeling and 7 years of work experience validate my passion for architecture and the responsibility with which I face each new architectural challenge.

Teamwork defines me, seeking the best results with efficiency and effectiveness in each new task.

I am that someone with a lot to say through his art, with an established course and with clear goals, free, made of dreams.

Carlos Porfirio Mercado,

"Per aspera ad astra"



architectural design

?Do you want that design you imagine


Let me help you make that 3D that you want to show your clients.

3d integration in videos

Would you like to show your 3D in a real video? I can help you, write to me.

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